The launch of Ethernet-APL (Advanced Physical Layer according to IEEE 802.3cg) opens up new possibilities for the process industry.

The process devices can communicate robustly with high data rates on existing 2-wire lines, even in explosion-proof areas. They are supplied with voltage via the communication line using PoDL (Power over Dataline). They are fully integrated into the Ethernet topology of the overall system.

Ethernet-APL thus enables the consistent use of established Ethernet protocols (non-safe and safe) from the sensor to the controller. This has considerable advantages in terms of device installation, configuration and maintenance. In addition, safety protocols can be used for safety-related tasks in the field devices.

Your benefit

  • Proof-of-concept with use of MESCO Ethernet-APL evaluation boards
  • MESCO Design Packages for easy implementation of the Ethernet-APL interfaces
  • Simple integration of multi-protocol solutions on common Ethernet-APL hardware
  • MESCO design know-how in the field of measurement technology, Ethernet communication, functional safety and explosion protection

With our new evaluation board Ethernet-APL we support you in the implementation of the new Ethernet technologies from the beginning of your development until the market launch and certification of your field devices.

Your advantages:

  • Easy setup of a functional prototype
  • Use for technical feasibility studies
  • Easy connection to existing field devices via serial interface
  • Easy adaptation of the communication interface to the requirements of data transmission, power consumption of the field device and consideration of explosion protection requirements
  • Reduction of development risk
  • Reduced costs
  • Design-in saves development time by using proven architecture, circuits and SW artifacts
  • Fewer bug fixes and redesigns
  • Supports software integration of multiprotocol solutions on common hardware (e.g. PROFINET/PROFIsafe or other Ethernet-based fieldbus systems)
  • Faster time to market with Ex and Safety approval through our expert support

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