MESCO develops EMC (ElectroMagnetic Compatibility) conform products or advises you in your design and development phase. Existing products are analyed and suggestions for improvement are elaborated.

Our services are

  • Consulting, trainings and EMC seminars
  • Quick, competent consultancy and developer support to locate and fix EMC interferences
  • Assessment of conformance and development assisting measurements at MESCO´s EMC laboratory
  • Concepts for interference elimination and its implementation
  • Detailed measurement protocols, test reports and documentation
  • As necessary, declaration of conformity for a certified product (CE marking)

Technology and standards

  • Measurement, tests and documentation complying with ISO/IEC 17025
  • line oriented measurement of interference ability complying to national, european and international standards DIN, VDE, EN, IEC, CISPR, NAMUR
  • tests complying with EN 61000-4-x
  • measurements of line oriented interference voltages complying with EN 55011 and EN 55022 (150kHZ…30MHz)
  • EMC investigations related to EN 55011 and EN 55022 (HF 30…1000MHz)

Laboratory and testing stations

  • Thermal and humidity measurements: Testing of product developments under laboratory conditions
  • Industrial Ethernet communication: Extended test capacities for comprehensive testing of industrial Ethernet communication for PROFINET and EtherCAT
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC): EMC testing ensures compliance with standards that products can withstand electromagnetic interference, ensuring trouble-free operation
  • Pre-certification testing: Enabled by test stations for PROFINET and EtherCAT communication including the safety protocols PROFISAFE and FSoE

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