MESCO was founded 1990 in the town Weil am Rhein, Germany by Thomas Best and Juliane Heyn-Best. MESCO has since been working every day on exciting electronic development projects, for 30 years.

In the center of the MESCO portfolio are hardware and software development for factory and process automation. Especially Industrial communication, functional safety as well as explosion-proof designs are our strength.

Over the past few years MESCO added several branch offices and subsidiaries, and today there are about 70 employees working at the MESCO group worldwide.

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  • 2019 – Foundation of MESCO Engineering d.o.o. Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

In 2019 MESCO founds MESCO Engineering d.o.o. in Sarajevo. The employees in Bosnia & Herzegovina start their work with a focus on embedded software.

  • 2018 – Relocation of MESCO Engineering AG, Windisch/Switzerland

In order to further expandation of the team, MESCO Engineering AG moves to a larger office in Windisch in 2018.

  • 2015 – Opening of MESCO Engineering AG, in Brugg, Switzerland

In 2015 MESCO opened the MESCO Engineering AG location in Brugg, Switzerland.

The location at the Technology Park Aargau provides best conditions to work on innovative hardware and software projects. And the public transportation connections are perfect as well.

  • 2014 – Relocation of MESCO Engineering GmbH

After growing for 23 years, MESCO relocated from the office space at Wiesentalstraße to the building at Berner Weg 7 in Lörrach, Germany. The new premises provide space and the perfect base for further growth.

  • 2008 – Opening of Freiburg branch office

In 2008 MESCO opened a new branch office in Freiburg, Germany with the goal to provide highly qualified employees from the Freiburg and Breisgau area a much shorter commute as the base for a good balance between work and private life.

  • 2008 – Majority share of TEConcept

Since 2008 the company TEConcept is a subsidiary of MESCO Engineering. In 2013 TEConcept assumed the IO-Link communication technology part of MESCO. Today’s portfolio includes products, development tools and custom services for hardware and software development. TEConcept is an accredited IO-Link Test and Competence Center and an active member of the IO-Link steering committee.

“We are happy to have a strong and trusting partner to offer professional development services for IO-Link to our customers!” Thomas Best, CEO

  • 2003 – Foundation of MESCO Systems

The same way MESCO Engineering is focused on custom product development as a services company, MESCO Systems is offering generic products and tools. Many years of experience lead to the conception of generic design packages. These design packages are proven software and hardware designs, for example function libraries and fieldbus circuits. Used as reference designs the design packages simplify and accelerate all product development. The portfolio also includes a variety of tools that makes life easier for developers and increase productivity.

  • 2003 – Foundation of MESCO Inc. in USA

Since 2003 the US subsidiary of MESCO is incorporated in Fort Lee, NY to offer closer proximity for American customers to their supplier.

  • 1991 – Foundation of MESCO Engineering AG in Riehen/CH

Just one year after founding the company MESCO is opening the first subsidiary in Switzerland. This makes business relationships easier for the fast-growing number of Swiss customers.

  • 1990 – Foundation of MESCO Engineering GmbH in Weil am Rhein, Germany

Thomas Best and Juliane Heyn-Best are founding the company MESCO. Early on they recognize the large potential in the areas of automation and electronic development.