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In the field of safe drive technology, special (safe) interfaces between encoders and drives are required to precisely detect the current position. However, these encoder interfaces are often manufacturer-specific or use safe encoder communication profiles. This presents drive manufacturers with the choice of either committing to a specific encoder type or protocol, or developing a modular architecture that supports different encoder types.

For exactly this challenge, MESCO has developed a new design package that supports different encoder interfaces and standardizes their integration into the drive. The MESCO Design Package provides an integrated multi-protocol encoder master interface for connecting digital safe encoders. The encoder protocols EnDat 2.2, EnDat 3, HIPERFACE DSL and BiSS Safety are supported.

The encoder module (FPGA-based) acts as a master and supports multiple encoder protocols to unify the incoming data. This architecture simplifies complex designs, reduces hardware costs and is future-proof for the integration of further encoder protocols.

“With our Multi-Protocol Encoder Master Design Package, we offer a unified solution for drive manufacturers working with different encoder interfaces,” said Enrico Grofik, development manager MESCO. “This package optimizes the integration process, ensures functional safety and provides flexibility for future encoder protocols.”

The MESCO Design Package Multi-Protocol Encoder Master Interface provides an integrated multi-protocol encoder master interface for connecting digital safe encoders, supporting EnDat 2.2, EnDat 3, Hiperface DSL and BiSS Safety encoder protocols.

With this modular platform we develop your customer-specific solution according to individual requirements.

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The advantages of the MESCO Design Package at a glance:

  • Support for multiple encoder protocols, eliminating the need for specific designs.
  • Seamless integration of non-safe encoder data into the drive.
  • Efficient transmission of safe encoder data via the “black channel” for evaluation on an external safety card.
  • FPGA-based architecture ensures flexibility and adaptability for future encoder protocols.

By using this innovative design package, drive manufacturers can implement an efficient and cost-effective solution for integrating different encoder interfaces while meeting functional safety requirements.

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