EtherCAT is the efficient Ethernet communication technology for high-performing real-time communication functions as well as for high synchronisation accuracy of the factory automation. For realising a safe data transmission for EtherCAT, the protocol Safety-over-EtherCAT (FSoE) has been defined.

Safety-over-EtherCAT complies with the SIL3 of the IEC 61508 and allows the transmission of safe and unsafe information in a communication system. It does not cause any limitations regarding the transmission rate and the cycle time.

Our competences

We are experts for EtherCAT and Safety-over-EtherCAT hardware and software developments. Thanks to our membership of PROFINET International (PI), accreditation as a Competence Centre, as well as various activities in various technical workgroups and many years of experience in the electronics development of industrial products, we are specialists in the field of functional safety and can develop your product with absolute confidence -from the concept to the declaration of conformity or TÜV certification for safety-relevant projects.

Our services

  • Concept
  • Hardware and software development
  • Prototyping
  • Support in the certification

Your advantages

  • Proof-of-concept by using the MESCO Eval Boards
  • Reduced development risk by MESCO Design Package solutions
  • Cost reduction of your project
  • Shorter Time-to-Market

The highlights

  • MESCO Design Packages for the simple implementation of EtherCAT and/or FSoE functionality in your product
  • Proof-of-concept by using the MESCO EtherCAT / FSoE Eval Boards
  • Support of the hardware platform netX90 (Hilscher)
  • Simple integration of multiprotocol solutions on a common hardware
  • MESCO Design knowledge in the field of Ethernet communication, functional safety and motion control

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