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The Safe AGV/AMR Monitor Design Package Design Package forms the basis for the HW/SW development of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) with safety functions.


MESCO accompanies manufacturers of AGV/AMR as well as component manufacturers from the beginning of their safety project to market launch and safety-relevant certification.

In the field of AGV/AMR there are special functional safety requirements according to IEC61508, ISO13849 or ISO 3691-4, such as safe stop during loading, emergency stop, safe brake, safe speed, safe load handling, person detection, interfaces to higher-level safety controls, safe data processing, safe I/O, etc.

The MESCO Design Package Safe AGV/AMR Monitor enables customer specific hardware and software development, shorter time-to-market by using proven HW/SW libraries and a certified safety process.

Your Safety Package for AGV & AMR

With the innovative platform concept ‘MESCO Safe AGV/AMR Monitor’ you develop the safe mobile robots of the future. Avoid additional effort and shorten the time to market of your certified product. Your advantages:

Lower costs and
lower effort
Significant risk
in the development
Simplified functional models
Shorter time to market
Easier safety evaluation
and product certification

Technical description

The Safe AGV/AMR Monitor Design Package significantly reduces development time for safety-related AGV/AMR systems. It is available as a hardware/software design package with circuit diagrams and software libraries for a fully customized design.


Scope of delivery

  • Modular safety system software with task handler, cross communication, MCU synchronization and self-test library, HAL
  • Safe Torque Off function (STO)
  • Test documentation: test cases and test reports (Tessy)
  • Safe Digital Input Handler (F-DI) for reading safe input data e.g. from scanners for distance detection of persons and obstacles
  • Safe Output Handler (F-DO) for switching emergency stop functions of a drive (STO)
  • Safe Brake Control (SBC) Handler
  • MESCO Design Package Evaluation Boards: Carrier Board, Safe Core B1, F-I/O C1 (DI/DO), F-I/O C2 (SBC)

Our promise:

  • Faster time to market for your AGV, AMR and AGVs
  • Customized hardware and software development
  • Innovative platform concept
  • Certified safety process
  • 30 years of experience
  • Less effort, cost and risk

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