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EtherCAT / FSoE

EtherCAT is the efficient Ethernet communication technology for high-performing real-time communication functions as well as for high synchronisation accuracy of the factory automation. For realising a safe data transmission for EtherCAT, the protocol Safety-over-EtherCAT (FSoE) has been defined. Safety-over-EtherCAT complies with the SIL3 of the IEC 61508 and allows the transmission of safe and unsafe information in a communication system. It does not cause any limitations regarding the transmission rate and the cycle time.


Our competences

We are experts for EtherCAT and Safety-over-EtherCAT hardware and software developments.

Thanks to our

  • memberships in the EtherCAT Technology Group
  • our long-term experience in the electronics development of industrial products
  • specialists in the fields of functional safety

we will develop your product from the concept to the declaration of conformity or the TÜV certification.


Our services

  • Concept
  • Hardware and software development
  • Prototyping
  • Support in the certification

Your advantages

  • Proof-of-concept by using the MESCO Eval Boards
  • Reduced development risk by MESCO Design Package solutions
  • Cost reduction of your project
  • Shorter Time-to-Market

MESCO Evaluation Board EtherCAT/FSoE with netX90 (Hilscher)

The highlights

  • MESCO Design Packages for the simple implementation of EtherCAT and/or FSoE functionality in your product
  • Proof-of-concept by using the MESCO EtherCAT / FSoE Eval Boards
  • Support of the hardware platform netX90 (Hilscher)
  • Simple integration of multiprotocol solutions on a common hardware
  • MESCO Design knowledge in the field of Ethernet communication, functional safety and motion control
MESCO Services für EtherCAT / FSoE
  • Technology consulting and preparation of the specifications
  • Proven hardware and software design for industrial Ethernet interfaces with EtherCAT and FSoE communication
  • Multiprotocol Ethernet hardware solutions
  • Support for conformity check and TÜV certification
MESCO Services for Functional Safety
  • Customised hardware and software development compliant with standards according to IEC  61508 (SIL3), EN  ISO 13849 (PL e)Integration
  • Safety Communication (FSoE)
  • Support for the safety certification by the TÜV or IFA



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