Based on the standard IEC 61508 and/or EN ISO 13849 the fractions of safe and dangerous failures of a system are determined by a FMEDA.

The FMEDA is an important method in the area of electronics development for functional safety. It is an analytic method for verification of system limits and hazards.

The goal of this analysis is to verify the electronic design regarding requirements for functional safety.

The services in detail

MESCO implements a tool based FMEDA according to the standard IEC 61508 and/or EN ISO 13849 including the calculation of the safety-related characteristic numbers.

  • Review of development documentation (circuit diagram, bill of material, safety concept, concept FMEA)
  • Identification of safety-related components
  • Determination of component failure rates according to IEC 62380 or SN 29500 and assignment of failure modes
  • Analysis of the failure modes for all safety-related components and classification in safe and dangerous failures; the dangerous failures are split into detected and undetected ones by the particular diagnostic coverage
  • Optional: Clarifications with certification institute

The result

MESCO delivers a detailed FMEDA report for the electronic design as foundation for the redesign or certification.

  • Calculation of characteristic numbers SFF and PFH or PFDavg and/or MTTFD and DCavg
  • Extra analyses like insertion of 60V and potential common cause effects by overvoltage
  • Analysis of failure combinations(e.g. category 4 according to EN ISO 13849)

Further services

  • Consulting regarding management and development of functional safe electronics
  • Service for hardware and software development of functional safe electronics
  • Documentation of measures and safety functions
  • Estimation of the achievable functional safety level (SIL and/or PL)