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Explosion proof

EX – intrinsic safety

MESCO considers the explosion-proof requirements with the beginning of the concepts until compilation of the manufacturing documentation. This task will cut development time and production cost. A retroactive action for the Ex task is not applicable and saves time and money. Especially for cost sensitive products is this the important factor for the success.

Explosion protection is an essential factor for operation in process automation. MESCO therefore offers its own safe explosion proof solutions (conforming to international standards such as IECEx, ATEX, FM, CSA etc.).

Our services

We implement sensors and actuators with functional safety functions (SIS / SIF) according to the relevant standards such as IEC61511 / IEC61508 or EN50271 / EN50402.

Additional flexibility comes with the introduction of Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) with Power Over Data Line (PoDL), which makes proven communication technology suitable for the special requirements of PA. As an alternative to HART and fieldbus communication, MESCO offers the integration of SPE and APL. This opens up IIoT functionality, predictive detailed diagnostics, functionally safe communication, regardless of the local power supply.

 Learn more about APL »

Your benefit

  • Reduced development risk
  • Reduced development time and effort
  • Project cost reduction
  • Shorter time to market
  • Lower effort in documentation
  • Easy protocol certification
  • Lower risk through MESCO‘s TÜV certification support
Our detailed offer for Ex in process automation projects


  • Requirements engineering – support with product specification
  • Development of explosion-protected, intrinsically safe sensor / actuator or control systems
  • Development of functional safety automation components up to certification
  • Connection to process controls with Fieldbus, HART, IO-Link, Ethernet-APL or SPE (Single Pair Ethernet IEEE 802.3cg)
  • Cloud connectivity with OPC UA communication for Monitoring and Diagnostics
  • Power supply via PoDL (IEEE 802.3bu)
  • Proof of conformity with IECEx, ATEX, FM, CSA and other international standards
  • Proof of conformity with IEC 61511 / 61508 SIL1-SIL3, EN50271 SIL1, EN50104 SIL2-SIL3, ISO 13849 PLd
  • Approval support for UL, CE, Fieldbus, Ex, functional safety




Our entire tailor-made development solutions

  • Technology Consulting
  • Functional Safety Management
  • Explosion-proof trainings
  • Industrial Communication
  • Support in the creation of Requirements
Concept – Architecture
  • Creation of the Functional Safety Concept
  • Creation of the Explosion-proof Concept
  • System Architecture
  • Quality Assurance Measures
Development – Design / Implementation / Prototyping
  • Hardware Development
  • Software Development
  • Safety Development
  • PCB Layout
  • Prototyping
  • Type Testing
  • Integration Test
  • Use of existing Safety Design Packages
  • Certification support


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