Article series: Functional safety, but how? (4)

Monday, 11. March 2019

Part 4: Safe drive technology based on EN61800-5-2

With our publications on the subject of Product Life Cycle Management, we would like to provide information on standards and regulations and support SMEs in particular with questions relating to functional safety.

Part 4 of the article series shows how EN 61800-5-2 serves as the basis for product- or sector-specific standards …

Safety life cycle according to EN 61800-5-2

Safe drive technology based on EN61800-5-2

When realizing functionally safe components for industrial automation, an intensive examination of the normative environment is first unavoidable. The appropriate product standard, EN 61800-5-2, is listed as a B standard under the EU Machinery Directive. For the management of functional safety, which among other things calls for topics such as responsibilities, qualification of employees and quality assurance measures, this product standard refers directly to IEC 61508-1.

On the technical side, we will now look at the requirements for the hardware electronics and the device software. The most basic drive safety function, Safe Torque Off (STO), can in principle be implemented purely on a hardware basis. EN 61800-5-2 provides good guidance on this. However, it becomes more interesting when more complex drive safety functions are required.

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Article appears in the March issue of SPS Magazine

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