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Overview: MESCO Safety Design Packages Architecture


  • Multiprotocol Industrial
    Ethernet Interfaces:
    EtherCAT / FSoE
  • Safety protocol
    (black channel)
  • Customer specific
    communication interface
  • Safe Core Architecture
    IEC61508, SIL2 / SIL3
    with comprehensive
    HW/SW safety measures
  • Standard STM32,
    F7 / F4
    microcontroller usage


  • Industrial Safe Input
  • Industrial Safe Output
  • OSSD I/O
  • Encoder Interfaces
  • Specific Serial Interfaces



Safety Design with
MESCO Design Packages


Design Packages Modules in detail

In order to offer you the optimal benefit during development, we have summarized core functions for specific application areas.

Possible areas for the application of design packages:

Motion Control


I/O Modules

This design package fits to: MC (X) S/A X  

Industrial Ethernet Module

  • Industrial Ethernet Modul, unterstützt PROFINET CC-A,CC-B CC-LINK IE TSN
  • Safety protocol support
  • Single CPU solution (STM32F4)
  • RJ45, 100base TX, 100Mbit PHY
  • Address switches
  • Debug interface
  • NV mem
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Power supply
  • GPIO
  • Design documentation
This design package fits to: MC X S/A (X) I/O X

Industrial Ethernet Multiprotocol Module

  • Multiprotocol SoC netX90 (Hilscher)
  • Safety protocols (black channel)
  • 2x RJ45, Status LEDs
  • Address switches
  • Debug interface
  • NV mem
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Power supply
  • Design documentation
This design package fits to:   S/A X I/O X

Ethernet-APL Module

  • STM32L4 controller with external 16Mbyte RAM and 16Mbyte flash
  • Chipset MAC and PHY ADIN1110 of Analog Devices
  • Physical Layer according to IEEE 802.3cg
  • APL-Power Class A – D Power consumption 0.3W
  • Customer application interface Power supply 1.8V / 5V
  • Interfaces SPI, UART, GPIO Various debug interfaces / possibilities

More information can be found under Industrial Communication > APL.

Learn more about APL »

This design package fits to: MC X S/A X I/O X
SAFE CORE MODULE B1 Evaluation Board

Safe 1oo2 Core

  • Redundant Safety Core
    SIL2/SIL3 2x STM32F746
  • Safe fieldbus protocol support
  • Safe I/O monitoring
  • Safe I/O handler
  • Safe drive functions
  • Decoupling measures
  • Cross communication
  • Address switches Safe Fieldbus
  • 2x Debug interfaces
  • Temp sensors
  • Dual channel power supply
  • Design documentation
This design package fits to: MC X S/A (X) I/O X
F-I/O MODULE C1 Evaluation Board

Safe I/O 3x F-DI/ 1x F-DO

  • 3x F-DI (redundant)
  • 1x F-DO (redundant)
  • Galvanic Isolation
  • OSSD functions
  • Dual channel power supply
  • Design documentation
This design package fits to: MC X    
F-I/O MODULE C2  Evaluation Board


  • 1 Output STO (Safe Torque Off) 5V / 200mA
  • 1 Output SBC (Safe Break Control)
  • 24V /2A
  • Galvanic Isolation
  • Dual channel power supply
  • Design documentation

Evaluation boards of the Safety Design Packages based on STM technology

Ethernet-APL Evaluation Board with a wide range of application and analysis options

Examples of MESCO Design Packages in use

  • Solution for drives:
    Safe Drive Monitor for Safe Drives with Ethernet Communication (FSoE / 1oo2/ STO/SS1 Safe Stop Functions)

Learn more about Safe Drive Monitor 1oo2 Core »


  • SW-Extension module for Safety Advanced Drive Functions, f.e.:
    - Safe limited speed
    - Safe direction of rotation
    - Safe stop functions
    - Safe brake functions

Learn more about Advanced Safety Functions »


  • Safe I/O Modules:
    Safe I/O (FSoE/ PROFIsafe/1oo2/3xF-DI/1xF-DO)

Learn more about Safety I/O IP »

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