New evaluation board with Ethernet-APL 10Base T1L/S

Thursday, 15. June 2023

The process industry currently relies on the 2-wire technologies Ethernet-APL for the explosion-proof area and Single-Pair-Ethernet (SPE) in the non-Ex area (standardized under IEEE802.3cg) for communication in the field level. The differences here lie in the protective circuitry and the power available via the wire pair (standard IEEE802.3bu, Power-over-Data-Line/PoDL).

Thus Ethernet with all its advantages comes into the field device and replaces conventional 4-20mA technology or proprietary fieldbuses for good. This means that well-known and valued functions for plant safety and the reduction of downtimes from factory automation can be used, such as simple device replacement, re-parameterization during operation, web server-based diagnostics and the transmission of identification/maintenance data. The continuous medium Ethernet without system break now allows transparent access on all levels if required.

In addition, the communication medium offers the possibility of tackling new approaches to predictive maintenance: additional sensors such as ambient temperature, sound level, accelerometer and many others no longer fail here due to the limitations of the communication medium. NAMUR, various fieldbus organizations and device manufacturers are working closely together to drive use cases forward.

MESCO consequently extends the successful and established modular approach in HW/SW development and therefore created the evaluation board Ethernet-APL for 10BASE-T1L and 10BASE-T1S with PoDL (Communication Module A3) for the existing modular system “MESCO Design Packages”.

With our new evaluation board Ethernet-APL MESCO supports you in the implementation of the new Ethernet technologies from the beginning of your development until the market launch and certification of your field devices.

With this modular platform we develop your customer-specific solution according to individual requirements.

The combination is critical

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MESCO Design Packages

With the MESCO development platform, design packages and our expert development service, your product can be developed much easier, with less risk and faster.

Your advantages:

  • Simple construction of a functional model
  • Use for technical feasibility studies
  • Easy connection to existing field devices via serial interface
  • Easy adaptation of the communication interface to the requirements of data transmission, power consumption of the field device and consideration of explosion protection requirements
  • Reduction of development risk
  • Reduced costs
  • Design-in saves development time by using proven architecture, circuits and SW artifacts
  • Fewer bug fixes and redesigns
  • Supports software integration of multiprotocol solutions on common hardware (e.g. PROFINET/PROFIsafe or other Ethernet-based fieldbus systems)
  • Faster time to market with Ex and Safety approval through our expert support

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