Article series: Functional safety, but how? (3)

Thursday, 31. January 2019

Part 3: Toolchain – from requirement to test case

With our publications on the subject of Product Life Cycle Management, we would like to provide information on standards and regulations and support SMEs in particular with questions relating to functional safety.

Part 3 of the article series – Toolchain – shows the traceable, documented and audit-proof path from requirement to test case.

Agile approach vs. V-model

Toolchain – from requirement to test case
… traceable, documented and audit-proof

In the past, software was an accessory that controlled the few functions of an actuator or sensor and prepared the necessary communication. In the age of Ethernet-based real-time protocols, functionally ever more powerful processors and constantly growing requirements, SMEs faced these challenges with additional software developers. Individual tools were purchased, but in the absence of a defined and followed software development process, releases were often difficult to plan for and software failures in the field proliferated. Changes were often implemented on demand and were often only trackable by the software developer themselves.

Part 3 of the article series discusses the software development process and the product lifecycle management environment, the documentation and development environment in which requirements can be traceably and auditorily turned into a product that can be certified according to IEC 61508 rules. What does such an environment contain? What tools are available? What integration is there between the tools?

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Article appears in the February issue of SPS Magazine

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