Technical article: Guide for the development of new field devices

Monday, 27. May 2024

The process industry is currently facing the challenging task of increasing the efficiency of its systems, reducing production costs and at the same time ensuring the safety of people and the environment.

This leads to innovative approaches in hardware and software development when developing new field devices and upgrading existing ones in the process industry. MESCO, a leading provider of electronics development as well as hardware and software development services in the process industry for more than 30 years, has now published a guide for the new development and upgrade of field devices in a specialist article.

The guide “Rethinking field device development: 7 steps to a new field device” clearly describes the procedure. Find out why you should prioritize the consideration of the front-end sensor, why the communication properties of the field device play a very important role and how to define the field device profile. After the conception phase, the guide continues with the development of the field device architecture. Among other things, the guide provides a possible block diagram for field devices with functional safety and Ethernet APL interface requirements. This is followed by the development of field device hardware and software as a prototype and, as the 7th step, the development of the FDI package.

You can find out more about this and interesting information on the possible use of MESCO Design Packages in the MESCO guide, which you can now download free of charge as a PDF.

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