Article series: Functional safety, but how? (2)

Tuesday, 18. December 2018

With our publications on the subject of Product Life Cycle Management, we aim to provide information on standards and regulations and support SMEs in particular with questions relating to functional safety.

Part 2 of the article series provides assistance for early SRS project phases …

The safe way

In the first part of the article series, the individual standards and their interrelationships were discussed, the safety lifecycle was presented, and the tension between flexibility, agility, and formal necessities required by the standard was highlighted.

The second part is intended to provide guidance for early SRS project phases and address the question of the right content for an SRS.

Formally, a project to develop a functionally safe component begins with the SRS (Safety Requirement Specification). A flexible or even unsystematic process for finding these requirements can also mean that potentially decisive elements are overlooked. At the same time, the SRS represents the basis for an investment in product management, development and sales of several hundred thousand euros. It is therefore worth taking a closer look here. This article is intended to provide guidance for these early project phases and to address the question of the correct content of an SRS. How does one ensure that products are developed that are in line with the market, or which products should be developed at all?

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Article published in SPS Magazine

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