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PROFINET IO is a standard adopted by PROFIBUS International relating to the communication of I/O controllers (PLC) with I/O devices (field equipment). The technology is based on the Ethernet as the communication medium and serves the purpose of transferring I/O data, parameters, alarms etc.


A difference is made between real-time applications (PROFINET RT) with cycle times of 5 to 10 ms or PROFINET Isochronous Real-time (IRT) for high-performance applications with bus cycle times in the range of 1 ms. For IRT applications, the I/O devices require switching functionality, i.e. special chipsets must be used.

The MESCO Team provides you

  • Technology consulting and drawing up of requirement specifications
  • Hardware and software development of industrial Ethernet communication boards with PROFINET RT, IRT (in preparation)
  • PROFINET RT, IRT hardware platforms
  • Ethernet solutions for supporting several industrial Ethernet dialects
  • PROFINET stack porting
  • Implementation of PROFINET profiles
  • Gateway developments
  • Equipment tests in the fieldbus laboratory (in preparation)
  • PROFINET parametrization and diagnosis, compiling of XML/GSDML (in preparation)
  • Support in the selection of development environments and tooling
  • Manufacturing engineering

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