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PROFIBUS PA (process automation) allows for the connection of sensors and actuators located in areas where is a risk of explosion. It caters for data communication and power supply over a joint bus using 2-wire technology according to international standard IEC 61158-2.

PROFIBUS PA has been developed in close cooperation with the users in the Process Industry (NAMUR).

The MESCO Team provides you

  • Consulting, support, training
  • 2 wire- or 4 wire communication interface with discrete Media Access Unit (MAU)
  • PROFIBUS PA/FF common usable hardware for PROFIBUS PA + Foundation Fieldbus
  • Development of Intrinsic Safe products complying with ATEX, FM, CSA standards
  • Schematic, PCB layout, Prototyping
  • PROFIBUS PA Profie V3.0 integration with customer specific adaptation of the software application
  • Using proven Design Packages
  • Physical layer tests according IEC 61158-2
  • Pre-certification tests in the fieldbus laboratory and subsequent actions until certificate is granted
  • Development of parameterization software for Siemens PDM, FDT/DTM platform
  • Development of test equipment, manufacturing engineering


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