Video: STM – Functional Safety developed easier

Wednesday, 17. February 2021

Faster time to market with MESCO Safety Design Packages & Development Services

We have designed Safety Design Packages based on STM microcontrollers. Reference designs and software libraries support, simplify and accelerate developments for safe and non-safety relevant requirements.

With the help of this know-how, we implement projects for you in the areas of sensors, actuators, motion control and I/O modules in the highest quality, in a short development time and with reduced costs and risks.

Find out more in the video from STM.

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Design Package Safe Drive Monitor

+++ New for drive technology +++
Safe stop functions! The MESCO Design Package for your safe drive.



Continuously certified development processes

MESCO's development processes were recertified by TÜV Nord for Functional Safety Management in accordance with IEC61508: 2010 E/E/PE in December 2020.


New: Ethernet-APL Development Service & Design Package

MESCO expands the service portfolio and the design package platform to include Ethernet APL technology. This is particularly driving the development of process devices with Ethernet interfaces in Ex areas.