VIDEO: Safe Drive Monitor explained in a nutshell

Monday, 23. November 2020

The Safe Drive Monitor is a design package for safe stop functions in the MOTION CONTROL area. In this video we present our Safety Design Package Safe Drive Monitor and the modular concept behind it.

Functional safety related electrical drives are typically based on hardware and software in a 1-out-of-2-Architecture (1oo2) up to SIL3. The Safe Drive Monitor 1oo2 Core contains safety related hardware designs and Safety software.

The modular design solution supports IEC61800-5-2 Safe drive functions STO, SS1 and can be extended to Advanced speed and position functions.

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Design Package Safe Drive Monitor

+++ New for drive technology +++
Safe stop functions! The MESCO Design Package for your safe drive.



Continuously certified development processes

MESCO's development processes were recertified by TÜV Nord for Functional Safety Management in accordance with IEC61508: 2010 E/E/PE in December 2020.


New: Ethernet-APL Development Service & Design Package

MESCO expands the service portfolio and the design package platform to include Ethernet APL technology. This is particularly driving the development of process devices with Ethernet interfaces in Ex areas.