Series of articles: Product lifecycle management – but how!? (6)

Tuesday, 25. June 2019

With our product life cycle management publications, we would like to inform you about standards and regulations. Especially, we focus on SMEs to help them with functional safety issues.

Part 6 should help in mastering the progress from normative requirements to practical application. The article defines the typical requirements for factory automation: SIL3, requirement rate High Demand.


System FMEA in a safety project

The development of functionally safe components poses additional challenges for the developer. Unlike standard product developments, this puts forth normative requirements, which further increases the complexity of product development. These include architectural requirements of IEC 61508-2.

Depending on the safety integrity level to be achieved, this standard sets concrete specifications as regards the hardware fault tolerance (HFT) and safe failure fraction (SFF) to be achieved. In addition to failsafe design principles, diagnostic measures of keys contribute to a high SFF.

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Article issued in SPS Magazine



Bundled expertise for your process device development

MESCO entwickelt für PA! Unsere Portfolio für Entwicklungs-Dienstleistungen im Bereich der Prozessautomatisierung haben wir seit Sommer 2020 neu gebündelt und intensiviert. Unsere langjährige Expertise in Explosionsschutz und Funktionaler Sicherheit verzahnen wir nun noch stärker mit den aktuellen Themen der PA und richten uns gezielter auf Industrie 4.0 / IIoT aus. Natürlich wie gewohnt: von der Gerätekonzeption bis zur Zulassung.
Was genau ist neu und was sind die Details?

MESCO develops for PA! We have bundled and intensified our portfolio for development services in the field of process automation since summer 2020. We are now integrating our many years of expertise in explosion proof and functional safety even more closely with current PA issues and are more specifically geared towards Industry 4.0 / IIoT. Of course, as usual: from concept to certfication.
What exactly is new and what are the details?


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Review SPS IPC Drives 2019

Industry 4.0 and Digitalization were the most important topics at the SPS 2019 in Nuremberg.  

MESCO presented its way to IoT with innovative and client-specific development services and, as usual, also as a PROFIsafe Competence Center.