Series of articles: Product lifecycle management – but how!? (2)

Tuesday, 18. December 2018

With our product life cycle management publications, we would like to inform you about standards and regulations. Especially, we focus on SMEs to help them with functional safety issues.

Part 2 gives way for a skilful product development.

Factors influencing product definition

The safe way

Part 1 of this article detailed individual standards and the relationships between them, outlined the safety lifecycle, and explored the tension between flexibility, agility, and the formal requirements stipulated in the standards.

This second part serves as guidance for early project phases and addresses the question of what the right content of an SRS is. How do you make sure that marketable products are developed? Which products should be developed at all?

Development resources are always limited, and in times of labour shortages, these resources need to be targeted with even more accuracy. The phases prior to the actual start of development also become more strategic. If the goal is ultimately to create a me-too product, the focus is on production costs, development costs, administrative overheads and technical features. Does it make sense to tie up your development capabilities for a me-too product?


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Article issued in SPS Magazine



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