MESCO offers CC-link IE TSN

Friday, 14. December 2018

MESCO is a new service provider for CC-link IE TSN technology. At this year's sps ipc drives in Nuremberg Peter Bernhardt, Head of Marketing and Sales at MESCO, referred to it.

“MESCO is your partner for innovative software and hardware development in the field of process and factory automation with unique knowledge in industrial communication, functional safety and explosion protection.

CC-Link IE TSN fulfills high performance requirements for industrial communication. CC-Link IE Safety enables the technology for safety critical implementations. MESCO develops a CC-Link Software Development Kit to make the technology available to the market and to facilitate developments. It includes CC-Link IE TSN Stack, CC-Link Safety IE Stack, evaluation board for safe/non-safe applications.

Additionally, MESCO provides coaching and service for customized hardware and software development with use of CC-Link IE TSN SDK."

Peter Bernhardt, Head of Sales & Marketing, MESCO Engineering GmbH

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Industry 4.0 and Digitalization were the most important topics at the SPS 2019 in Nuremberg.  

MESCO presented its way to IoT with innovative and client-specific development services and, as usual, also as a PROFIsafe Competence Center.


CC-Link IE TSN Safety – MESCO Development Services

MESCO supports CC-Link IE TSN and CC-Link IE TSN Safety with development services. In order to build smart factories, information from production processes must be recorded in real time, processed via edge computing and then seamlessly transferred to IT systems.
CC-Link IE TSN complements the advantages of CC-Link IE with improved communication functions and higher synchronization accuracy.