Review of the “Safety & Security” Forum – A Complete Success

Monday, 10. July 2017

The range of topics at the Safety & Security Forum, held on July 5th and 6th in Munich, extended from product safety to security of the entire business. Surrounded by the sophisticated ambiance of the 4H Hotel, representatives of the electronics industry could discuss future safety and security requirements and challenges.


More than 300 participants, speakers and exhibitors took the opportunity to inform and educate themselves on topics ranging from product safety to the security of the entire business. One highlight was certainly the “live hack” of a fuel elements controller. This example impressively made the audience aware that even a system considered secure from IT perspective can contain obvious weak points and how quickly a minor negligence can endanger an entire system.

The event was split into three sessions running parallel to each other for both days. The focal points were taken from the various requirement profiles of the industrial and automotive markets.

MESCO was present as both an exhibitor and in an expert presentation on “Requirements of Functional Safety for Product Manufacturers in the Automation Industry”. Peter Bernhardt, director of Sales and Marketing at MESCO Engineering, gave an accurate summary of the current requirements and tasks. This significantly eased the first steps and further dealing with the topic of functional safety and IEC 61508.

The contribution from Bernhardt was received with great interest, and a lively discussion developed afterwards. It became clear that the topics related to “security” were very much in the focus of the interest – however “safety”, that is “functional safety”, is an ever-present topic, so to say, a perennial issue.

The next Safety and Security Forum will take place on 12 and 13 September 2018 in the civic center in Sindelfingen, Germany.




Design Package Safe Drive Monitor

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Continuously certified development processes

MESCO's development processes were recertified by TÜV Nord for Functional Safety Management in accordance with IEC61508: 2010 E/E/PE in December 2020.


New: Ethernet-APL Development Service & Design Package

MESCO expands the service portfolio and the design package platform to include Ethernet APL technology. This is particularly driving the development of process devices with Ethernet interfaces in Ex areas.