Synergy Effects for our Clients

Tuesday, 4. July 2017

Renesas and MESCO Engineering are developing a partnership – which is advantageous to clients in many respects

The topic of “Functional Security” has elementary significance for many industrial applications. At the same time, this field is very complex and requires a good deal of know-how and precision.

Renesas is aware of this and is therefore developing high quality solutions as a foundation for developments in the area of “Functional Security” for their microcontrollers such as the RX Family and the Synergy Platform.
MESCO Engineering develops innovative, client-specific solutions for process and factory automation. Hardware and software development for industrial communication is a central focus. Functional security is a core expertise here! This offers clients multiple benefits at the same time. Renesas products offers very highly developed, comprehensive and integrated solutions and MESCO provides the expertise for additional development services such as safety consulting.

Together with Avnet-Silica, experts in the field of security and a sales partner of Renesas, we demonstrate our knowledge in the “Functional Safety” seminar series.

An excerpt from the program:

  • Introduction to Functional Safety, industrial automation market, review of the standards and guidelines
  • Functional safety requirements for product manufacturers in industrial automation
  • Review of the safety-relevant MCU product families
  • Specific functional safety solutions (e.g. self-test library, starter kits …)





Design Package Safe Drive Monitor

+++ New for drive technology +++
Safe stop functions! The MESCO Design Package for your safe drive.



Continuously certified development processes

MESCO's development processes were recertified by TÜV Nord for Functional Safety Management in accordance with IEC61508: 2010 E/E/PE in December 2020.


New: Ethernet-APL Development Service & Design Package

MESCO expands the service portfolio and the design package platform to include Ethernet APL technology. This is particularly driving the development of process devices with Ethernet interfaces in Ex areas.