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Wednesday, 28. June 2017

Product development and consultation in accordance with IEC 61508

Functionally safe products offer a crucial competitive advantage in a growing market in automation technology or process measurement technology.

Implications from requirements of IEC 61508 for one’s own company and its processes are, however, quite significant. MESCO masters the complete route from the concept to the SIL certificate for safety-critical products with their “TÜV Functional Safety Engineers” in the fields of drive technology, process measurement technology and secure field bus communication in collaboration with the TÜV, a group of businesses that provide inspection and product certification services, and consultation for functionally safe developments.

Furthermore, MESCO is an accredited PROFIsafe Competence Center.

The following graphic illustrates how a collaboration with client, MESCO and TÜV can look like:


A tried and tested cooperation with TÜV Nord provides optimal response times and minimizes development risk by means of coordinated cooperation.

MESCO also collaborates with other organizations such as TÜV Rheinland, TÜV Süd, BGIA, etc.



The following FS standards, among other things, are fulfilled by MESCO developments:

IEC 61508 – Base standard for functional safety of E/E/PE systems

IEC 61511 – Group standard for process industry

EN 62061/EN ISO 13849-1 – Group standard for machines

IEC 61800-5-2 – Stop categories for machines, product standard for drives


Structured, certified development process based on the V-Model




  • Workshops for introduction to the development in accordance with IEC 61508

  • Consultation alongside your own development in accordance with IEC 61508

  • Consultation regarding functional safety management

  • Assistance with the preparation of documents and templates pertaining to certification


  • Feasibility studies

  • Preparation of safety concepts with concept approval

  • Hardware and software development of components up to SIL3

  • Integration of safe communication for field bus systems (e.g. PROFIsafe V2)

  • Development of PC software for parametrization and diagnostics of functionally safe systems


  • Support with Concept Approval and certification in accordance with IEC 61508


We are developing for you as well!
Please feel free to contact us for any information or if you have a specific project.




MESCO: PROFIsafe Competence Center

Are you developing a safety device and still need the right industrial communication interface? So learn more about our services regarding PROFINET and PROFIsafe.


EtherCAT/FSoE: MESCO offers new services for Industrial Communication!

EtherCAT is the efficient Ethernet communication technology for high-performing real-time communication functions as well as for high synchronisation accuracy of the factory automation. For realising a safe data transmission for EtherCAT, the protocol Safety-over-EtherCAT (FSoE) has been defined.


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