MESCO Engineering at sps ipc drives in Nuremberg

Tuesday, 1. November 2016

Faster time to market!
…through development services and Design Packages

MESCO Engineering GmbH is focusing on what it calls ‘Design Packages’ this year. These are proven circuits and software components which can be used by manufacturers of sensors, actuators, drives, and I/O modules to considerably accelerate and simplify their product development – while also benefiting from reduced, easy-to-calculate costs.

The Design Packages from MESCO Engineering are the result of many years of experience in electronics and software development. Proven circuits and components have emerged time and again from its numerous successfully realized projects. MESCO is now offering these as a modular system combined with its engineering services. These Design Packages are used to create customized solutions for individual requirements – in both safety- and non-safety-related environments.

What this means for you:

  • Less development work
  • Reduced costs from the use of proven circuits and software
  • Fast time to market
  • Easy protocol certification
  • Guaranteed TÜV certification

Talk to us about the development services we can offer and the right Design Packages for you!

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We develop for you!

MESCO develops for you, using modern development tools and methods. Functional safety and industrial communication are our strengths. We endeavor to turn your ideas into successes - today and in the future!

Industrial firms are facing new challenges from the increasing integration of devices, systems, and applications in cyberspace. There is also a growing need for functionally safe automation components. With its development service for industrial electronics, MESCO incorporates functional safety requirements by applying IEC61508 and cooperates with TÜV on security and certification. Besides functional safety and industrial communication, MESCO is also heavily involved in IIoT – with OPC UA technology, for instance, for the simple integration of sensors/actuators, remote I/O modules, and controllers.

Anyone interested in the latest developments in industrial safety, IT security, functional safety, and innovative electronics development will find detailed information at the joint booth of MESCO, TÜV Nord, and TÜViT (Hall 2/Booth 161).

We look forward to the challenges and your visit to sps ipc drives in Nuremberg.

Hall 2 / Booth 161

MESCO Engineering GmbH



New: Ethernet-APL Development Service & Design Package

MESCO expands the service portfolio and the design package platform to include Ethernet APL technology. This is particularly driving the development of process devices with Ethernet interfaces in Ex areas.


Video: STM – Functional Safety developed easier

Reference designs and software libraries support, simplify and accelerate developments for safe and non-safety relevant requirements. Find out more in the video.


VIDEO: Safe Drive Monitor explained in a nutshell

MOTION CONTROL: The design package for safe stop functions
In this video, we give you a brief overview of our Safety Design Package Safe Drive Monitor. As a modular concept!