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Library Safe Drive Functions

Design Package for Functional Safety for drives
… a significantly faster time-to-market with MESCO Design Packages!


The complexity associated with the development of industrial drives based on the latest safety standards is high. In particular, if advanced safety functions (i.e. more than just STO – safe torque off) are required, development time and effort usually increase significantly.

With the Software Library Safe Drive Functions you get self-contained, tested and ready-to-use software modules. The product development gets easier, faster and the risk is much lower.

Your benefit

  • Reduced development risk
  • Cost reduction
  • Short time-to-market
  • Easy product certification


The library for safety drives contains 11 safety functions according the relevant product standard IEC 61800-5-2. All functions can be easily embedded directly in the safety drive or on an optional safety option board.

The development of our library follows all relevant safety standards. It can be integrated directly in your project thus helping you achieve significant savings in development time. As an added benefit to you the product certification will be made much easier. This reduces development risks and use of valuable development resources. We support you with the integration of the library and help you with product development.

Block diagram Safety Drive

    Typical Applications
    • Frequency converters
    • Servomotors
    • Linear drives
    Technical data

    Safe drive functions according to IEC 61800-5-2 (PDS/SR) Advanced stop functions
    -    SS1: safe stop 1
    -    SS2: safe stop 2
    -    SOS: safe operating stop Advanced position functions
    -    SLI: safely-limited increment
    -    SLP: safely-limited position
    -    SCA: safe CAM
    -    SDI: safe direction Advanced speed functions
    -    SMS: safe maximal speed
    -    SLS: safely-limited speed
    -    SSM: safe speed monitor Brake functions
    -    SBC / SBT: safe brake control / safe brake test Usable for applications up to SIL3/SILCL3 IEC 61508 / IEC 62061 Usable for PLe / CAT4 ISO 13849 Optimized for 32-Bit Microcontroller (easy porting)

    The Design Package comprises
    • Software library in Source Code (C99 MISRA-C 2012)
    • Integration manual
    • Development documentation
    • Technical support

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    Design Package Library Safe Drive Functions
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