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HART® Slave Stack 7.6

The HART Slave Stack is a quick and easy solution to add HART 7 capabilities to your field device. It includes all necessary features to achieve a HART 7 compliant device. This includes all universal commands and 56 common practice commands.

The HART Slave Stack from MESCO is backwards compatible to HART 5 and HART 6 masters.


Stack Highlights:

  • Pre-certified stack passes HCF conformance tests
  • Full description and source code
  • Reduced development time & development risk
  • Small & efficient footprint: runs on almost any controller (8/16/32 bit)
  • Supports various integration scenarios, with or without operating system (RTOS)
  • Supports external HART Modem
  • Easy parameterization (device specific)
  • Well defined hardware interface for platform customization
  • API for device specific HART commands
  • API for command 48 data (device specific)
  • API for non-volatile data
  • Prepared for actuator

Delivery content
  • Source code
  • Integration manual
  • Application Programmable Interface
  • Support
  • Transmitter demo application
  • Actuator demo application


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