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Design Package CrossComm Safety IP

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Software and hardware related to functional safety, depending on the application and area of use, requires a specific safety integrity level, referred to as SI Level or SIL. In order to achieve an SI level of 3, two microcontrollers with mutual synchronisation and monitoring are typically used at the core of the safety-related control and diagnostic system. This is referred to as a 1-out-of-2-Architecture (1oo2).

Safe Design Package for data exchange

A central software component in such an architecture is the MESCO Design Package CrossCom Safety IP.

It primarily provides symmetric and asymmetric data exchange between two redundant microcontrollers in safe applications. This means that the 1oo2 concept can be implemented in software using standard controllers.

Typical safety architecture SIL 3 for use in a drive

This ensures that e.g. Incoming signals from redundant sensors on both microcontrollers are processed synchronously. In addition, results are permanently compared between the two units and checked for correctness.

Furthermore, diagnostic measures are implemented that recognize and treat internal errors. For example, the failure of hardware elements or a malfunction of the software.

Typical CrossCom architecture

Proven benefits when using the new MESCO Design Package CrossCom Safety IP in a development project
  • Reduced development risk by means of reuse
  • Saving during the development by using proven architecture
  • Cost and risk reduction of the project
  • Shorter time-to-market due to expense reduction
  • Easier product certification by means of IEC based documentation

Overview of CrossCom Layers

Compliant with the standards – well documented – successfully used

The Design Packages is consistently implemented in accordance with the IEC 61508 standard.


  • Source Code
  • Design documents
  • Test cases for module and integration tests
  • Extensive documentation
  • Results of static code analysis

It has been implemented in several applications for drive safety option cards and certified with the product.

The Design Package is designed for STM's 32-bit microcontrollers and can be used by MESCO as part of a project development in your safety project.

In addition, further MESCO design packages for the 1oo2 architecture in software and hardware are available.

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We would be pleased to assist you with the integration of the design packages and the implementation of your safety project.

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