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Development accompanying tests and manufacturing test processes often involve long-term testing, and calibration based on long series of measurements. In addition, the reproducibility of these Tests is an important precondition for further development. MESCO provides this by using the graphical environment LabVIEW.


  • Safe and user-optimized program structure enabled by event controlled and status controlled programming
  • Signal flow control enables clearly defined processes
  • In addition, through a modular code structure maintenance is facilitated
  • Generation of .EXE files: no need for complete development environment
  • Simple generation of customer-specific user interfaces
  • Reproducible tests


  • Automatical records of measurement values by PC
  • Calibration and device checks based on recorded measurement values
  • Endurance tests with operating time protocol
  • Device control and system control via GPIB, USB, RS232, HART
  • Control of temperature boxes
  • Virtual instruments and interfaces according to customer specification
  • Interface for existing hardware and software
  • Automation of  processes
  • Interpretation, analysis and visualization of data
  • Protocol generation
  • Evaluation of log files