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MESCO is an expert in PROFIsafe!

PROFIsafe fulfills all technical requirement for fully decentralized solutions in the field of Safety technology. PROFIsafe eliminates the need for special Safety fieldbus systems and allows Safety-relevant Automation for standard PROFIBUS / PROFINET.

Operators benefit from simpler cabeling, a uniform electronic design and consistency as regards specific parameterization and remote diagnosis. PROFIsafe sets new standards in Safety technology.

The MESCO Team provides you

  • Consulting, support
  • Compilation of the Overall Safety Requirements
  • Development of hardware and software for PROFIsafe interfaces complying with IEC 61508 (SIL1-4) standard
  • Integration of PROFIsafe Software Library and safety applications
  • Diagnostic and predictive maintenance
  • Test of the safety-related products in the fieldbus laboratory and stress tests with PROFIsafe controller
  • Development of parametrization software for Safety setup and diagnostic (e.g. FDT/DTM components or customer specific C++ application)