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HART® (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) stands for a digital communication protocol of field devices. It is outstandingly suitable for transmission of measuring data, diagnostics and device parameter.

The HART protocol is compatible with the existing 4-20mA systems and enables the comprehensive system integration via host controller. The simultaneous analog and digital communication follows the principle of Frequency Shift Keying (FSK).

The MESCO Team provides you

  • Consulting, support and training
  • Implementation of HART communication on different hardware platforms and operating systems
  • Development of complete SMART transmitters for various process parameters in 2-wire/4-wire technology
  • Low Power electronic design with HART functionality
  • HART 7.6 Slave Stack / HART protocol stack
  • Development of Intrinsic Safe products complying with ATEX, FM, CSA standards
  • Schematic, PCB layout and Prototyping
  • Integration of MESCO HART Master- or Slave Libraries in measurement applications
  • Certification testing of physical layer, datalink layer + application layer according to HART specification
  • Development of parameterization software, based on EDDL- or FDT technology (Electronic Device Descriptions for Rosemount Handhelds 275/375, Siemens PDM, Rosemount AMS, diverse FDT/DTM frame applications)
  • Development of customer specific Host Software for Windows
  • Development of test equipment, manufacturing engineering