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Digital technology

MESCO supports you in the selection of your Embedded Microcontroller system and with special know-how in the area of digital electronic development.

  • Selection of the microcontroller family under consideration of costs, requirements, performance and foodprint
  • Electronic development for 8-Bit up to 32-Bit microcontroller systems (e.g. NEC, Renesas/Mitsubishi, Cygnal, Atmel, Texas Instruments, Infenion, Freescale, Microchip, ARM, ST, NXP, ...)
  • Digital Signal Processing using DSPs
  • Definition and calculation of power consumption of digital circuits, power management
  • Timing analysis
  • Interfaces to peripheral components as SRAM, SDRAM, NAND-/NOR-Flash-Speicher, EEPROM, DP-RAM, RTC, Displays ...
  • Implementation of Gluelogic, FPGA, PLD
  • Realization of serial interfaces (RS232, RS485, RS422, USB, I²C, SPI, Fast Ethernet TX/FX)
  • Designs for temperature ranges of -40..+85 °C / -40..+185°F

Use our available know-how!