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CAD / PCB Design

MESCO provide professional CAD services for layout design and layout on various systems, for client specific fabrication documentation, for material organization and cost finding for prefabricated parts as well as for communication with external printed board manufacturers and support for the manufacturing process.

Because of the efficient teamwork between CAD designer and MESCO development engineers it is possible to achieve critical CAD projects without redesign-phase and to allow short-time project duration.

MESCO also works directly with the customer.

Supported CAD systems

  • PCAD 2006
  • Altium-Designer
  • PADS
  • Allegro
  • Integra Station
  • Eagle

PCB design tools used

  • Altium Designer

More details:

Circuit board layout
  • directly from the circuit diagram / data carrier
  • from the developer's sketch
  • CAD layout: interactive
  • Elaboration of design or specification
  • EMC-compliant design
  • High speed design
  • Double layer printed circuit boards
  • Multilayer printed circuit boards
  • Flex circuit boards
  • Rigid-flex printed circuit boards
  • HDI circuit boards
  • SMD technology
  • BGA / μBGA technology
  • Blind-and-buried-via technique
  • Microvia technology
  • Fine and fine line technology
  • Embedded Components (components integrated in the layout)
  • impedance controlled lines
  • Twisted pair / differential pair
Manufacture of the printed circuit boards

The circuit boards are manufactured by external service providers.

Used file formats

  • Gerber / Extended Gerber (RS-274-X)
  • ODB++



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