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Functional Safety – Development complying with IEC 61508

The IEC 61508 challenges considerably the methodology of development and the implementation of electronic hardware and software.
Development complying with IEC 61508

  • Complete product development to IEC 61508, IEC 61010-1, NE 79
  • SIL1-3: Standards-based concept and development of hardware and software
  • Implementation of secure communication for secure field bus systems
  • PC software for parameterization and diagnosis of functionally safe devices
  • Tool-supported realization of hardware and software
  • FMEDA - Failure Modes, Effects and Diagnostic Coverage Analysis. More about FMEDA »
  • Project consulting and cooperation with certification authorities (incl. BIA, TÜV), servicing branch offices
  • Help with issue of certification-relevant documents
  • Workshops


Functional Safety Projects at MESCO

  • Actuator (Valve) with HART and SIL3 Safety Shut-Off Device
    Hardware and software, complete development
  • Decentralized I/O Fieldbus Node with PROFIBUS PROFIsafe, SIL3 IEC 61508
    Deployment of MESCO PROFIsafe stacks
  • Frequency Converter, Safety Module
    PROFIsafe-based SIL3 application with safe speed and safe stop, safe parameterization via PC software
  • Frequency Converter, Optional SIL2 Circuit Board
    PROFIsafe-based SIL2 application, implementation of PROFIsafe software
  • Motor control via 3 axes, hospital bed control
    Firmware development based on First Failure Safety EN 60601-1, PC software for configuration and diagnosis of safety-relevant data


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