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Design Package for Safe Stop functions
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Functional safety related electrical drives are typically based on hardware and software in a 1-out-of-2-Architecture (1oo2) up to SIL3. The Safe Drive Monitor 1oo2 Core contains safety related hardware designs and Safety software.

The modular design solution supports IEC61800-5-2 Safe drive functions STO, SS1 and can be extended to Advanced speed and position functions.

Safe Drive Monitor Interfaces
(Details im PDF/Download)

Your Benefit

  • Reduced development time and effort
  • Project cost reduction
  • Shorter time to market
  • Lower effort in documentation
  • Easy protocol certification
  • Lower risk through MESCO‘s TUV certification support

More details: A modular concept

The development of a safe drive is a stepwise implementation:

  • Step 1: STO, SS1 triggered by discrete Safe Input (switching off without software)
  • Step 2: STO, SS1 triggered by Safe Fieldbus
  • Step 3: Safe Drive Functions IEC61800-5-2 with Encoder Feedback
  • Step 4: Enhancement with Safe I/O (Logic or Brake Control)


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