Design Package Safe AGV/AMR Monitor

Wednesday, 10. May 2023

MESCO's Safe AGV/AMR Monitor Design Package forms the basis for HW/SW development of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) with safety functions.

Automated Guided Vehicle and Autonomous Mobile Robots systems are the future of intralogistics. MESCO accompanies manufacturers of AGV/AMR as well as component manufacturers into this future from the beginning of your safety project to market introduction and safety-relevant certification. By using proven Safety Design Packages, the time to market is shortened, costs and risks are saved and compliance with specific safety standards in the area of functional safety is ensured.

In the basic version, the Safe AGV/AMR Monitor Design Package supports the functional safety requirements of IEC61508, ISO13849 or ISO 3691-4, such as a safe stop during loading, emergency stop, safe brake, , interfaces to higher-level safety controls, safe data processing and safe I/O.

Optionally, the Design Package Safe AGV/AMR Monitor can be extended with speed monitoring with encoder master and feedback handler as well as asynchronous interfaces (UART) for processing Black channel communication from the safe Industrial Ethernet protocol FailSafe over EtherCAT(FSoE) or PROFISAFE.

MESCO services at a glance

  • Hardware and Software development for all AGV- and AMR-Systems
  • Design Package Safe AGV/AMR Monitor (Motion Control, Sensors/Actors, I/O Modules)
  • Simplified functional models (Proof-of-Concept)
  • Support of the safety process and safety-related certification (SIL2 / SIL3 according to IEC 61508/ EN ISO 13849 as well as EN ISO 3691-4)

MESCO held a webinar on April 5, 2023 on the topic of ‘Functional Safety for AGV & AMR" and presented, among other things, the Design Package Safe AGV/AMR Monitor. You can watch the video recording of the webinar at the following Link.

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Design Package Safe AGV/AMR Monitor

The Design Package Safe AGV/AMR Monitor for the Functional Safety of Automated Guided Vehicles shortens time-to-market, saves costs and risks, and fulfills specific safety standards.


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