Design Package Safe Drive Monitor

Monday, 8. March 2021

Along with the Design Package Safe Drive Monitor MESCO provides a turnkey solution for your safe drive units. In the basis version it supports the simple stop functions as well as linkage and control via a safe fieldbus (e.g. FSoE).

Furthermore, the solution can also be successively expanded on the same hardware for further safe drive functions, IEC61800-5-2, motor feedback, brakes as well as Safe I/O.

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New HART® Slave Stack version 7.7

MESCO launches the latest version of its portable protocol software for HART field devices. HART Slave Stack 7.7 offers a quick and easy solution for communication that corresponds completely to the HART fieldbus system. A detailed documented interface for API simplifies integration and porting even further. The pre-certified software cuts development times considerably.


Review: Online Round Table TÜV NORD & MESCO

The high-quality Safety & Security Webinar on May 5, 2021 was extremely well attended with well over a hundred permanently connected listeners. The specialists from MESCO and TÜV NORD reported in detail on the complex environment of functional safety.


Close the Gap! Industrial Ethernet in process automation

In process automation, industrial Ethernet can close the gap to the production plant and safely bridge long distances. The basis for this has been created with the standardization activities around IEEE802.3cg.

With a lecture at the Forum Safety & Security 2021, MESCO shows how an ATEX-compliant design for explosive atmospheres can be developed with Ethernet APL.