Success Story: Sensor Positioner for On/Off Valves for Actuator

Wednesday, 18. July 2018

For Kaneko Sangyo Co. Ltd., Silent Technology, MESCO developed successfully an electronics that controls on/off valves. It enables diagnoses in the on-going process and provides the electronic position feedback.

The objective of the Japanese designer was that the valve should be as small as mechanically possible. As a result, the remaining installation space for the electronics also has to be correspondingly small. So the technical challenge was to develop a sophisticated technology that allows measurement in spite of this compactness.

Another greater advantage: The system must no longer be paused in order to test the functionality of the valves. The most minor discrepancies can be immediately eliminated. The trouble of a sudden and complete standstill is avoided.

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MESCO Development Kit for CC-Link IE TSN and CC-Link IE Safety

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