MESCO Engineering simplifies product development with Design Packages

Faster time to market and simpler certification

MESCO Engineering, the development expert for electronic products used in process and factory automation, is now offering its customers what it calls ‘Design Packages.’ Thanks to the proven circuits and software components, manufacturers of sensors, actuators, drives, and I/O modules can considerably accelerate and simplify their product development – while also benefiting from reduced, easy-to-calculate costs. MESCO also guarantees TÜV Nord certification for the finished devices.

The Design Packages from MESCO Engineering are the result of many years of experience in electronics and software development. As an expert in field devices and I/O solutions for process and factory automation, the company primarily specializes in industrial communication, functional safety, and explosion protection. Proven circuits and components have emerged time and again from its numerous successfully realized projects. MESCO is now offering these as a modular system combined with its engineering services. These Design Packages are used to create customized solutions for individual requirements – in both safety- and non-safety-related environments.

The MESCO Engineering development portfolio encompasses drives, sensors, actuators, I/O modules, and more, as well as connection to fieldbuses and communication with controllers (PLCs), IPCs, and cloud solutions. The flexible Design Packages can be used to develop both hardware and software. Depending on what is needed, the customer can choose the best package for different protocols and systems, as well as safety and other features. MESCO solutions support the PROFINET, EtherCAT, and EtherNet/IP industry standards, to name a few, as well as safety technologies PROFIsafe, Safety over EtherCAT, and CIP Safety. Field devices can also be directly connected to the cloud via OPC UA.

Customers benefit in several ways from the new MESCO offering. Proven circuits and software make it easier for them to calculate and reduce their development costs. The time to market for their products is also much shorter as they have less work to do themselves, putting them a step ahead of the competition. And when it comes to getting safety certification for protocols and components, MESCO supports manufacturers with its expertise right up to the certificate being issued.




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