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MESCO as a partner in gaining experience


Students who have successfully completed their first semesters at a university or FH can apply and expand their theoretical knowledge with us. As part of a student internship! We handle duration, scope and content flexibly, depending on the student's situation and our supervision capacities.

During the internship you usually work on an internal project. It's a bit like writing a thesis with us. Scope and content are jointly determined according to the interests of the student, existing project ideas and available time.

For the duration of your internship, you will be regarded as a regular employee and will be assigned to an internal project. A mentor will be placed at your side to supervise your internship work. He is your first point of contact for all technical and other questions. We won't have you make coffee, copy or do any useless programming tasks. We give you challenging projects that have added value for us and give you the opportunity to gain valuable practical experience. Therefore, we also pay an internship fee.

Bachelor & Master Theses

We also prefer to supervise final theses for bachelor or master students. We would be pleased if you brought your own project ideas with you. Otherwise, we will consider something together with you.

The process is similar to that of an internship: You will be assigned a supervisor who will be your first point of contact for all questions.

Some thesis topics in the past were for example:

  • Development of an energy harvester
  • Development of communication between a discovery board and the IBM cloud
  • Development of a signal generator for testing of embedded software
  • Development of a cloud gateway