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Rookie Engineers

Why MESCO is a good place to start

Become an expert

Once you have your degree in your pocket, we will offer you your first job. This will allow you to develop your technical knowledge and work at the forefront of technical innovation.

For young engineers, our daily work is a great way to test and develop your skills. Because we are always working on new projects from different customers. This is how you get to know different environments, technologies and working methods.


At the same time, of course, this also means that you are challenged. You always have to be willing to learn and build on your experiences.

Introductory Training

We make every effort to make the training as effective as possible. The following elements are standard in our induction training, so that the cooperation becomes a mutual success:

  • Induction Training plan - a detailed list of things to learn. With milestones and milestone discussions.
  • Mentor - he is there for all questions about technology and the company.
  • Duration 6 months - so that there is enough time for a well-founded induction.

Quick assignment

If you start with us, you won't be sitting on the sidelines for months. We deliberately involve new employees in projects after a short time. Training-on-the-job is irreplaceable, and you can quickly become part of the team.