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About us

MESCO's business model


MESCO is a development service provider that works with and for customers on projects.

Our target industries are process automation on the one hand and factory automation on the other. Our customers are sometimes component manufacturers, sometimes machinery constructors. That is very diverse.

  • As embedded developers, we cover both the hardware and the embedded software.
  • We also take care of EMC tests, CAD layouts and consulting in the run-up to concrete development projects.
  • As a development service provider we have no own products and therefore no production.

Three specializations

The three technical topics in which we have gained many years of experience and with which we would like to stand out from the crowd are

  • industrial communication,
  • Functional safety and
  • explosion proof.

All three are competitive and future-oriented specializations that are intended to ensure our long-term success.

Protecting people

With our work, we ensure that machines do not become a danger to people.

Two important safety measures are

  • the exclusion of dangerous malfunctions of electronic devices through functional safety, and
  • protection of people from the dangers of electronic explosions through explosion proof designs


Our clients are scattered around the world, which enriches our work with multicultural contacts and occasional travel.

Although we are service providers, our engineers are not leased to the customer or generally on-site at the customer.

We are often part of the customer team and meet customers all over the world. However, the development work is done in our offices. Where we can best coordinate and concentrate.