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Press Release


MESCO partners with Unified Automation to expand OPC UA in North America

MESCO Engineering and Unified Automation announce partnership to provide OPC UA Toolkits and extended consulting, training and development services to North America.


MESCO is a new IO-Link Competence Center for North America

MESCO Engineering, Inc. was accredited by the IO-Link Steering Committee as an IO-Link Competence Center. As such, MESCO offers technical expertise and support to IO-Link manufacturers and vendors.


Shorter development times for field devices communication

MESCO Engineering presents the new version 7.6 of its HART Slave Stacks

MESCO Engineering has introduced a new version of its portable protocol software for HART field devices onto the market. HART Slave Stack 7.6 proffers a quick and simple solution to realize device communication that completely conforms to the HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) field bus system.


Standard module for drives with integrated safety functions

Software Library simplifies the development of safe drives in accordance with IEC 61800-5-2

During the development of safe drives a substantial portion of the effort (and costs) involved can be attributed to the implementation of safety functions.

MESCO Systems has put together many safety-related functions in one software library. It can be universally deployed and thus allows drive manufacturers to significantly reduce their development costs and shorten development times.


MESCO Engineering simplifies product development with Design Packages

Faster time to market and simpler certification

MESCO Engineering, the development expert for electronic products used in process and factory automation, is now offering its customers what it calls ‘Design Packages.’